Restrictions regarding the use of the data platform:

The data platform contains information on compositions in the BMI repertoire (i.e. works where one or more interests are licensed by BMI, including foreign compositions), and an expanded group of additional works not represented by BMI but with interests licensed by and reconciled with our Songview partner(s).

An authoritative view of data is an important foundation for a properly functioning music licensing system. BMI has high confidence in the accuracy of the data we provide, which is obtained from rights holders who, as royalty recipients, have every incentive to provide reliable data. While BMI cannot give a blanket guarantee regarding the accuracy of the data, this should not be of any concern to those who rely on our license or the information contained in the data platform because of the following provisions.

  • Businesses that take out a BMI license can be assured that BMI will not bring an infringement action against a licensee that relies on the information contained in the data platform. Taking out a BMI license allows a business to rely on the rights afforded in our license agreements, should any issue arise regarding their use of works in which BMI has an interest.
  • Any business that chooses not to take a BMI license and refrains from performing BMI music will not be sued by BMI for infringement. Additionally, BMI will not sue an individual or business for infringement for the performance of music in which BMI has an interest if, when that music is performed, it was not listed in the data platform.

BMI and/or its Songview partner(s) own all rights in the data platform under all applicable federal and state laws. The data platform is intended for research and information purposes in the form presented. You may not copy, distribute, download, publish, modify, reformat, reconfigure, extract, scrape, link, incorporate into other software, databases or online material, or otherwise appropriate the data platform or any part thereof, without the express written permission of BMI. You may not create, generate, reverse engineer or compile any source code version of the data platform or any part thereof, nor shall you assist or allow others to do so.

By starting a query of the data platform, you are confirming that you understand the limitations of the information in the data platform, that you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.