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  • Songview: Search results include works where one or more interests are licensed by BMI, and an expanded group of additional works not represented by BMI but with interests licensed by and reconciled with another Songview participating society. This is the default selection.
  • BMI Repertoire: Search results include only those works where one or more interests are licensed by BMI.
  • 100% BMI Works: Search results include only those works where all interests are licensed by BMI.
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Get More with Songview

Songview was developed by ASCAP and BMI, the nation’s two largest Performance Rights Organizations, to provide music users with the first comprehensive, reliable and consistent data on songwriters, composers, music publishers and copyright ownership shares for the vast majority of songs licensed in the United States.

With the launch of Songview, ASCAP and BMI are working together to make copyright data more accessible and transparent for all of our partners.


It Works

This innovative new system ingests song ownership information from each PRO, processes and reconciles that information based on agreed-upon rules, and then sends the reconciled data back out to BMI and ASCAP’s public, searchable databases.


Detailed Information

With Songview technology integrated into the search tools, ASCAP and BMI are able to seamlessly display detailed, aggregated copyright ownership data for more than 20 million musical works in the combined repertoires, including a breakdown of shares by PRO.


More Complete
Copyright Data

When you see the Songview checkmark next to a song, you know that the songwriters, publishers and ownership shares shown on the ASCAP and BMI websites are accurate, reliable and consistent between the two PROs.